Missions Statement - Methodology

Our Mission's Statement

Medical Dental Community Groups is devoted to improving the lot of the poor.
This is accomplished by promoting, teaching, organizing, encouraging, and supporting medical and dental health through preventive services, first aid training and care, emergency services, and education to empower indigenous organizations.

Organizational Values

This organization’s values govern its conduct with society at large, and also its patients, suppliers, employees, local community and other interested parties.
We believe that:
  1. Justice demands that everyone, regardless of disability, has the right and responsibility of full participation in society.
  2. Medical and dental health are essential to the development and realization of every person’s full potential.
  3. Sufficient resources need to be applied to a complete range of medical health   research, and then effectively applied to treatment, community services design and preventive interventions. 
  4. All services must be linguistically and culturally appropriate.


Strategy- Methodology


MEDICAL DENTAL COMMUNITY GROUPS (MDCG) has arrived at a crossroads.  Decisions must be made regarding the scope of our work in the underdeveloped world.  Our contact horizon to date stretches across the following countries: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Haiti, San Salvatore, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Burma.

Because of the mis-distribution of health care workers in these poorer countries ( the cities get more health care accessibility , while the rural or mountainous areas get markedly less), we  have developed/reformulated medical and dental provider techniques and modalities so that we can reach the people most in need where they are located. We based our care model on the empowerment of lay volunteers in preventive and first aid techniques.  This is not only the most productive, but the most cost effective.  Utilizing our specialized and adapted training models has proven the best way to reach the target population before they require major and more costly specialized care.

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