What is Next ?

NEXT TRIP WILL BE Spring of 2018 to start our 3 year University study on Sealant field technique.                


MEDICAL DENTAL COMMUNITY GROUPS (MDCG) has arrived at a crossroads after 9 years of pilot projects. We know the field technique works, but we need hard data as proof, to make it easier to apply for additional foundational grants. 

Our contact horizon to date stretches across the following countries: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Haiti, San Salvatore, Nicaragua,  Indonesia, Cambodia, and Burma. We are sure more countries will sign up with us once we are fully funded.



Because of the mal-distribution of health care workers in  these poorer countries ( the cities get more health care accessibility , while the rural or mountainous areas get markedly less), we have developed and reformulated medical and dental  techniques and modalities , so that we can reach the poor rural people where they are situated. We base our care model on empowering lay volunteers in preventive and first aid techniques.  This is not only the most productive, but the most cost effective.  Utilizing our specialized and adapted training models,     proves to be the best way to reach the target population  , before they require major and more costly specialized care.




  • To continue supplying and giving logistic support to the 7 individual projects Dr. Leung has pioneered.

  • To fund raise: mainly through organizational foundations.

  • To develop these mission projects so they are more self sustainable.

  • To partner with other organizations and to accept the many requests for our assistance in forming such preventive projects.

  • Coordinate and set up the different regions of the mission’s organization; this allows individualization and easier in the field troubleshooting.-so far American hemisphere and Asian hemisphere has been initialized.

  • Continue   developing relationships with the PPCAP delegation to China (founder President Eisenhower), Danang, Vietnam dental school, and the other governmental agencies where we already work; set up teaching programs and externships to help the poor.

  • Longitudinal studies on sealant viability, local follow up training and care deliver

  • Select a director or the medical expanded first aid portion of our outreach to train non-medical personnel to help their neighbors.

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