MDCG  team members should be:
  • health and safety conscious
  • team players willing to teach and share
  • respecting of other peoples’ boundaries
  • confident, but  humble , service-minded
  • Have  realistic expectations of our mission
  • flexible , resourceful , with a sense of humor
  • organized and punctual in meeting deadlines  
  • mentally, emotionally, and relationally stable
  • gracious in receiving gifts from the hosts and patients
  • multi-lingual is a plus, but translation will be provided
  • experienced in international travel or working with foreign cultures
  • internet savvy, who can explore mission-related topics on their own
  • good listeners (it takes more effort in a foreign country) and observant
  • culturally sensitive (e.g. social , political, traditions, historically, and  health care !)
Health care professionals MDCG seeks to help teach and lead the team:
  • Dentists
  • Medical Doctors 
  • Pharmacists
  • Public Health
  • Nutritionists (e.g. , malnutrition)
  • Medical /Dental students
  • Registered Nurses /Hygienist/Assistants
Most of  MDCG  team members are non-medically trained and may include the following:
  • Translators
  • Care provision
  • Religious Leaders
  • Writers and Photographers 
  • Community and Business Leaders
  • High School and College Students
  • Culture and entertainment Specialists

Volunteering in a foreign land

Volunteering is a common pursuit for people who come from richer developed countries, but for the poor , volunteers are seen with  suspicion - what is the  ulterior motive ?
At the same time, you may not understand the local host ordering of events and priorities. Remember it is their prerogative if they opt to arrive late to the clinic or leave early to do other activities. Many of these health care providers must maintain private practices or hold other jobs, in addition to the roles they have at the clinics you visit. They may be every bit as concerned as you are in assisting those in need, but they may also have to do extra tasks to provide for themselves and their dependents.
Be prepared for health care settings that  are not as clean as what you are used to.  Overcrowded conditions will occur along with the resulting lack of reliable  water sources, and hygiene supplies - Bring hand sanitizers,gloves and masks for you and your team members.   
Good techniques of hygiene and minimizing contamination will be a good example for all ,without a need to voice it - try to preserve the hosts' and patients' sense of self-respect and avoid situations that may cause  embarrassment.
Finally, approach your trip with a high level of curiosity and sensitivity. Use all your senses to appreciate this unique experience.  See yourself through the eyes of your hosts and the patients. Mutual respect will be the best path to learning, helping, and teaching. 

Issues to Consider
Passports/Visas: Every team member must fax us your valid passport about 4 months prior to departure (check the  expiration),because we need to obtain group visas in advance of our departure.  
Trip Expense/Fund-Raising:  MDCG requires that all its team members raise their own support in full 4-6 weeks prior to departure, it may be 100% tax-deductible.
Taking Spouses and Other Family Members:  This decision must be approved by MDCG and there are several factors to consider ,eg:  skills of the spouse or family member. Additional members increases the responsibility or burden to the hosts  But, the presence of such a person may  beome an asset to the team . 
Local Politics/Government:   MDCG as an organization and it team members need to be neutral in their opinions about the local politics/government. We do not want to bring embarrassment or danger to ourselves or our host (includes all sources: personal,  phone, FAX, e-mail, etc.). We will have a debriefing after we  return to the USA.
Equipment/Supplies: MDCG makes an effort to inform its team members on the equipment, supplies, and medications that will be used prior to our trip. MDGC tries to ship or require the host to provide supplies and equipment .  
Licensing Requirements:   MDCG teams  require documentation about the team members' educational and professional backgrounds, due to the need of visas are .  
Medical Evacuation/Travel/Trip Cancellation Insurance: MDCG recommends this insurance for all team members . Please contaccts International SOS Assistance, 1-800-523-8662 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-523-8662      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-523-8662      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, www.intsos.com, to order a policy..
Liability Insurance: FYI : check your malpractice  insurance policy  or  insurance umbrella .
Please check MDCG application be completed and signed by all MDCG-approved team members.
What Can YOU hope to Gain from this experience?
Many MDCG team members return saying that they have experienced something that will become the highlight of their lives. Helping and giving to others in need ,without expecting anything in return , enriches ones well being beyond anything else done .
Teaching others how to fish , by instructing them in basic preventive healthcare, is more ultimately satisfying than treating health crisis issues ,which is similar to continually handing out expensive caught fish.
No matter how unskilled, these acts of compassion were not lost on the poor that were helped. Surrounded by many more who would not be helped , it was gratifying to know  that they will be helped later by the knowledge we left to their countrymen and women.  Prevention will give them the ability to avoid the suffering and pain that afflicts all who didn’t have the knowledge and the preventive services we had taught and provided as an example.  Your legacy has been born – a piece of you have been implanted in this hidden world of the poor.
Even though you may not have fully understood the culture and language , the richness of human compassion and appreciation will radiate through the social economic boundaries to change you forever.

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