1. What does MDCG mean?
MDCG denotes indigenous individuals trained in a short time by us , to provide medical dental prevention and first aid to their community in designated groups of 2-4 .

2. What do you hope to do?
 to train the smartest local residents to carry on our organizations’ work by providing basic medical - dental care and prevention services and instruction

3. Where do you go?
we concentrate on 3rd world countries with the least medical dental services for its poor

4. Who goes on your missions?
Along with many different types of medical/dental personnel, Most of MDCG team members are non-medically trained people like, Translators ,Care provision ,Religious Leaders ,Writers , Photographers ,Community/ Business Leaders ,High School /College Students ,Culture and entertainment Specialists ,etc.

5. What specifically does each team member do?
Help teach, mentor, show ,emphasize , buddy with one or more indigenous persons the simplified lessons that will be taught and shown to them (even if you are unable to speak to him or her!).

6. How much will it cost me to go on such a trip?

Approximately $2500-3500 depending on how luxurious you want the trip to be.

7. How long is each mission?
Runs from 10days to 6weeks

8. Who do you train in those countries?
Selected common everyday people , after they have been tested for their aptitude for medical/dental knowledge.

9. What do you hope they will do with the knowledge we give them? To help meet and teach the everyday health needs of their neighbors –to keep them healthy through prevention and first aid before it becomes an expensive full blown diseased situation.

10.What will I gain from this trip?
Surrounded by many more poor people would not be helped , it is most gratifying to know that they will be helped later by the knowledge you left to their countrymen and women. Your legacy has thus been born – a piece of you have been implanted in this hidden world of the poor.

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