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Dr Doug Leung received his undergraduate degree in Community Heath and in Biology from Tufts University. A lifelong church member, who has volunteered in all types of community services, he always was interested in the plight of the disadvantaged. Ever since High school,   practicing dental public health was his goal.

Several years later after graduating  from Tufts Dental School and establishing a private group practice, he never forgot the desire to help the unfortunate, especially after seeing the world’s poor suffering from medical neglect. 

Just treating disease  is  an endless proposition: prevention is the only way to improve the overall health of the population at minimal cost with the least specialized personnel. 

After years of research, didactic and in-vitro, on the equipment, materials issue, and in simplifying medical knowledge to a level, that even a high school graduate can absorb in a short time, we decided to pick an organization to test market the techniques. 

Love of Vietnam Expressed, based in Danang, Vietnam was the first selected to test market this modified sealant technique for field use. The end result was beyond our expectations,  even better than what could be accomplished in a clinic professional.

Other organizations based in the Philippines, International Care Ministries and Grace Unlimited are forming programs all over their countries to help the poor pediatric population. 

Over 26 Organizations around the world have worked with MDCG, and close to 100 have contacted us  to help develop future programs .

Exploration into China is a distinct possibility through President Eisenhower’s People to People Ambassador Program, into a Vietnam Dental University project, and a  Vietnam National public health project when the funding has occurred due to the potential for funding through  grant foundations and private individuals .

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