Past Trip Stories

 A handful of the close to 200 students and professors who participated

I would like the thank a generous grant from notables: Dr Walter Golub, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church and Sharon Tan Ministries for making this mission trip possible so that I can bring in supplies and Dr Emilio Valliriuz to help train the staff in  Vietnam.

·         Trip started from Boston , with the first stop in Danang, Vietnam. 2 days were spent to prep the site, and consult with the assigned professors on what to expect, translation and clinical aspects in the training of close to 200 dental students and professors in dental prevention and sealant therapy.

·         We were invited to start the dental school project due to a referral from the street children program and a renowned Danang dental professional, Dr V. Hung . in response to an epidemiological study made by a Swedish Dental school indentified an extraordinary dental mortality/caries rate in school-aged children in Danang city .

·         Classroom training at the dental school, in comprehensive dental exam, dental diagnosis and first aid treatment, prevention, infection control, field sealant application and its clinical management were taught in the following 3 days.
·         Then, because of the large number of students, it was deemed necessary to divide them into 4 groups, appearing at the hands-on clinic for 2 consecutive days each.

·         At the end of each 2 days, all students exceeded all expectations in the high quality they produced in diagnoses and sealant of potential cavity prone teeth.

·         Wrap up session was done for the Danang dental staff on how to continue with the project directives: How to maintain equipment/supplies, making supplies and curing lights, which population to provide access-poor children aged 5-15, possible avenues for funds- publicity to show the plight of the poor, and elicit help from governmental, professionals, businesses and individuals.

·         They were very enthusiastic in continuing periodic training, sealant treatment and following all guidelines given.
·         A few months later, we have been contacted by a governmental agency to start a collaborative effort for the nation of Vietnam, program to start in HANOI.
One of the many clinics held to train the operators

·         After 2 weeks , we moved on to 3 projects in Cebu, Philippines: continuation of project with existing project started 3 yrs prior,  and 2 National church leadership groups- one from Singapore and one from Australia.  The purpose of these two latter groups is to interest the groups to spur on development and funding of projects to other se Asian countries: two new areas will be Cambodia and Myanmar.

·         First group was from Australia. This oversight committee of and church leaders and missions boards were taught our program and given first hand exposure to treatment on patients. From this, they will introduce it to their own churches and missions boards back home.

·         Second group was from Singapore. Same program was done as the group from Australia.

·         All left our program, being enthusiastic and plan on recommending our program back home. They continue to keep in touch with us on our next plan to return to Asia and collaborate with them in future projects this Oct 2011 (Cambodia / Myanmar).

·         Also on that trip, We will be working with Dr Sharon Tan in a mission’s conference in Hong Kong to present our project.

South Philippines ----> Jan 2010

Sealant Application
Dr Leung led our team through Vietnam in Dec and then through the month of Jan , to 4 areas of the Philippines. It was a  long 6 week period which left us exhausted , but truly satisfied with the progress we made in helping the children , aged 5 to 16 yrs. 

We worked with 5 different organizations and 3 church groups to help start a preventive health care initiative for the poor where they lived. Using easily transported equipment and supplies (we usually went on motorbikes in Vietnam and vans in the Philippines! ) we were "portable enough"  to go where the people lived and played at -  public spaces, like  basketball courts, schools, clinics , or
Fluoride Application
We provided 4-8 sealants for each of the well behaved children who sang and played with us throughout the visit. We were most gratified that the project will continue long after we went back to our comfortable homes.  All are welcomed to a future 
" spiritually for-filling "  trip to Southeast Asia with MDCG.

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