The need for any program that will stem the tide of suffering :

This is an narrative of  the need  to tackle a problem that has reached "epidemic proportions " :

"  I have a suggestion about  Sealant practice on Kindergarten children. Last year, I and one lecturer from Jonkoping University ( Sweden) have done a cooperation research. From the result we have found a lot of  kindergarten children ( > 90 %) get caries very early, there are a lot of small poor children, they don't have condition to  access  dental care and it's a pity for many small children  with their primary teeth almost damaged (beyond repair)"

Dr Ho Thi Thanh
Dental Department
Technical  College of Medicine Nr. II
Da Nang- Viet Nam

Why our Organization picked MDCG:

"Dr Leung it would be so great to have you back anytime, not just for expansion, the energy you bring to the program is unique and we love it. At the moment I'm hoping we can expand to the last two areas by October 2010 but if your coming over we can tailor the expansion around that visit.
We're thinking big this year and hoping to do 250 children per time, totaling 3,000 children per area, our two newest areas in Mindanao are already getting approached by areas wanting to run the program. We're focusing on our Transform, Uplift and preschool areas first or in collaboration with local schools and governments."

Helen Turner, Chief Operations Officer,International Care Ministry of the Philippines, Inc.

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